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December 26, 2020

The 1st " Associates member gathering was held "
We had a social gathering with all the members of the association of "Let's make Tochigi's Busho 'Fujiwara Hidesato' as a hero"!


* we temporarily removed the mask for taking a picture.

This year has been a tough year due to the spread of the Covid-19. However, many people supported us, and we were able to hold the event safely. There weren't many, but I think it was a year in which we managed to move forward step by step without stopping our activities.

With that gratitude, we held the "1st Hidesato membership gathering" on Saturday, December 26th ♪

The managing director of the association, Miyamoto, and the secretary-general Okada, shared the background of the establishment of the association and their thoughts on activities. And They shared a strong desire to enliven future activities together with the members. It was a valuable time for us to reconfirm the whole meeting.

After that, I re-learned about the main Tochigi's Busho "Fujiwara Hidesato" and the Utsunomiya's Yokai "Domeki"! The secretary-general Okada shared the magnificent family tree starting from Fujiwara no Kamatari (the ancestor of Mr. Fujiwara) with everyone. We absorbed the knowledge of Hidesato and Dodomeki♪ Moreover, this chronological table was made from scratch by Okada!!! The members who came to the venue were also astonished!

12月26日 親交会様子の写真

We will continue to work as one to contribute to the publicity of Hidesato and the Civic Pride of Tochigi through events and social gatherings next year, so please support us! !!

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