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February 13, 2021

The 2nd "Member Hidesato School Friendship Party"
Meeting to be a hero We held the second social gathering with new members!


February 14th (Valentine's Day), 1081 years ago, is the day when Tochigi's hero "Fujiwara no Hidesato" knocked down the head of Masakado and converged the "rebellion of Masakado". We held the second social gathering for the second "Let's make Tochigi warlord" Fujiwara no Hidesato " as a hero"! The number of members is still small and it is a private gathering, but we are very enthusiastic about our members (15 people in total) with high aspirations!

This time, the former president of Tokyo Gakugei University, Professor Emeritus Toshisada Deguchi, who was the chairman of our association, also participated in ZOOM! Gakugei University President!! His talk was amazing as it was accurate and full of imagination, as though listening to the commentary of Chairman Deguchi's educational program... It gave momentum to the activities of the future activity.

Seiji Okamoto, Deputy Governor of Tochigi Prefecture, who was appointed as an advisor to the meeting on February 12, also participated in this gathering! I've heard rumors that it's a "super-action bureaucrat," and we heard that he likes history and Hidesato, as he had previously cooperated with the contribution. And this time, he officially accepted as an advisor for our association! It was a private meeting with a total of 15 participants, but we were full of gratitude. Also, this contribution is amazing, enthusiastic and logical, and gives us "hope". 


The old members were all enthusiastic, and they have opinions on future activities came out one after another! The woman wearing the lovely kimono in the photo on the right is Ms. Keiko Nakagawa, a member of the group ☆ Radio MC, English teacher, city guide ...! Now she is a professional storyteller!? This time, she gave us Hachinoki story  unveiled for the first time in her original storytelling! It was amazing as well.

It was a social gathering with wonderful opinion leaders! Thanks to these strong supports, we feel we are able to move forward! I'm looking forward to the next gathering ♪


We are currently looking for new members to our association! Even if you are not good at history... it's ok! As long as you're interested in activities, or if you don't have the knowledge about Japanese history, it's okay! If you want to liven up Tochigi, that's enough! All staff and members are looking forward to your participation ♪

Please feel free to apply!

Messages from everyone to the meeting
We asked our customers to fill out a questionnaire when the event was held! We would like to introduce the opinions and impressions of everyone who filled in here ♪

210213_会員様の声_アートボード 1.png
210213_会員様の声_アートボード 1 のコピー 2.png
210213_会員様の声_アートボード 1 のコピー.png
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