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December 26, 2020

The 1st " Associates member gathering was held "
We had a social gathering with all the members of the association of "Let's make Tochigi's Busho 'Fujiwara Hidesato' as a hero"!

220120_使う_アートボード 1_edited.jpg
220120_使う2_アートボード 1.png

Fujiwara Hidesato Forum 4th! -Professor Tetsuo Owada Talking about "Hidego Fujiwara", a military commander of Tochigi-Held! !!


We would like to thank Professor Owada for giving us a lecture today, and everyone who came to give us a lecture, thank you for joining us in the hot weather!

Mrs. Nakagawa, a member of our association, was in charge of hosting this forum! The lecture started with a wonderful announcement, and Professor Owada's lecture finally started! Professor Owada's lecture started with the genealogy of Hidesato Fujiwara, and he talked about Hidesato from the perspective of a professor, and I personally felt that the content was fresh!

It has been five years since we started activities as a group that makes Fujiwara no Hidesato a hero, and it has become the biggest Hidesato event ever. Talk to Professor Owada, no way! Starting with the lecture, we have been preparing for a long time.

220120_使う4_アートボード 1_edited.jpg

Actually, there were various happenings behind the scenes, and the secretariat staff wiped the tears of sweat and blood ... Finally, we were able to hold the lecture safely. I feel that this event has become a huge step forward.

220120_使う5_アートボード 1.png

There is also an interesting story! There is also laughter at the venue!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who supported the event and that it was a wonderful lecture.





220120_使う10_アートボード 1.png

☆ Join us as our new member!


It's okay if you're not good at history! There is no age limit for entering! All you have to do is a passion to cheer Tochigi prefecture up! Let's convey "Fujiwara no Hidesato" to Tochigi, to the whole country, and to the world with us!

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