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May 7, 2022  Members-only event!

The 6th Hidesato Meet up was held!

On May 7th (Sat), we held a social gathering that has been held regularly by the association of the legend of Fujiwara no Hdiesato!


Thank you to everyone who gathered today!

This social meet up event began with a greeting from Chairman Toshisada Deguchi of this association, and we received words that would serve as a bridge for future activities of the association.

Next, professor Takumasa Mizuno, the author of the books of "the three brothers of Oyama clan", gave us a discussion about Hidesato-ryu. 

Telling us about the story behind the NHK taiga drama "Kamakura-dono-13nin". He talked about how many Hidesato-style warlords were supporting Minamoto no Yoritomo!

In particular, Mr. Mizuno insisted that Oyama clan of Tochigi Prefecture was a great influence on Yoritomo as a Gokenin.


The warlords who were in a small mountain near the hometown

What was helping Yoritomo's side ...!

Immediately I wanted to show off to my family and friends. ..

Among the members who came this time,

Many people enjoyed watching the 13 Lords of Kamakura, but

I hope that you discovered in this roundtable that there are many Hidesato styles around Yoritomo ♪


This time, there was an activity report from member Daisuke Omori ♪


I have read the travel blog of the Bando Samurai Encyclopedia,

I received a report that I went to Unomori Shrine in Mie Prefecture.


After listening to Mr. Omori's report, I wanted to go to Unomori Shrine again!


Thank you for the wonderful report!

Mr. Omori's report this time is immediately as a column on the site

I am thinking of posting it ♪ Check for future site updates!

Also, I, Saito, the editor-in-chief / secretariat of the Bando Samurai Encyclopedia, have this time.

It was the last social gathering.

This time, the 6th social gathering was held again.

In response to the new wind of new members and younger generations

I realized that it was an even more wonderful exchange.

From now on, all the members will be more united and

We are thinking of creating a system that will allow you to actively engage in events and cognitive activities in Shugo, so please continue to support us in the future!

● The resume by Mr. Mizuno on the day

  You can see it in PDF from the button below!

The long-awaited second book by Mr. Takumasa Mizuno who gave a lecture this time!
"Fujiwara no Hidesato Novel  The first samurai who defeated Taira no Masakado "will be on sale from December 20th (Monday)!
For details, please click the image below to see the details.

☆ Join us as our new member!


It's okay if you're not good at history! There is no age limit for entering! All you have to do is a passion to cheer Tochigi prefecture up! Let's convey "Fujiwara no Hidesato" to Tochigi, to the whole country, and to the world with us!

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