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January 25, 2020

History of Tochigi "Fujiwara no Hidesato" Forum
The beginning of samurai, the founder of armed aristocrats "Fujiwara no Hidesato of Shimotsuke Province"


\ Printing factory extracurricular lesson "Fujiwara no Hidesato Forum" held! /

This is the first extracurricular lesson at the printing factory in the 121st class since the New Year! History of Tochigi "Fujiwara no Hidesato Forum" The beginning of the samurai The founder of the armed aristocrat [Fujiwara no Hidesato of Shimotsuke Province] was held.

In the first half, Mr. Yoshifumi Yamamoto, who was a curator of the Tochigi Prefectural Museum and was in charge of "establishment of a prestigious samurai corps along with Fujiwara no Hidesato Genpei" in 2018 About the background, the character image, the relationship with "Tahara (Bales) Fujita" that is handed down in the legend. Mr. Takumasa Mizuno, a historical researcher, talked about the descendants of Hidesato who was active in Tochigi prefecture.


In the second half, we held a roundtable discussion including a question and answer session.

Many people raised their hands (introduced due to time constraints)

It was a pity that some people couldn't finish it ...)

Coupled with everyone's enthusiasm for knowing, the content was very exciting.

Also, this time, we would like to thank Dr. Michiko Ueno, Deputy Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, who is indebted to us, and Mr. Arioka, who is telling the story of Dodomeki, on the live radio broadcast of Miyaraji. It was a lot of content, but with the warm cooperation of everyone, we were able to hold it peacefully from beginning to end!

Mr. Mizuno, the author of the novel "Fujiwara no Hidesato" who gave a lecture this time, has been writing [Genealogy of Samurai Bando] in the Sankei Shimbun since 2017 since he was a newspaper reporter.

The latest events are coming up one after another! Looking for participation ♪
A new event is held every month at the Tochigi military commander "Fujiwara no Hidesato" as a hero!
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