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July 12, 2020

Professor Toshiyuki Masubuchi, Chairman, Society of Content Tourism, Graduate School of Regional Policy Design, Hosei University
Tourist attraction course utilizing Tochigi's historical content "Fujiwara no Hidesato"


Printing factory extracurricular lesson 123rd course

We held a tourist attraction course utilizing Tochigi's historical content "Fujiwara no Hidesato". The course was originally scheduled to be held in March, but it was postponed several times due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and it was finally held yesterday. As a countermeasure, we recruited 100 people in a large conference room with a capacity of 210 people, measured the temperature at the reception and disinfected the hands, and took seats at intervals.

Professor Toshiyuki Masubuchi (Chairman of the Graduate School of Regional Policy Design, Hosei University) also participated in the lecture by switching to zoom broadcasting in a hurry to deal with the increase in positives in Tokyo.


Professor Masubuchi will talk about the current state of tourism in Japan by foreign tourists, the importance of content, and the economic effects and problems caused by pilgrimages to the locations of anime and dramas. He talked about "utilized tourist attraction" in an easy-to-understand manner, including the taiga drama and the historical background.

He also introduced in an easy-to-understand manner the demonstration examples in various places while practicing content tourism by Professor Masufuchi, and he gave us a very helpful story.

There were many points that were difficult to see, such as audio, etc., in the first delivery at zoom this time, but thank you to everyone at the venue and everyone who watched at zoom until the end. Based on this experience, I would like to make use of it for future seminars and lectures.

[Voice of participants] Partial introduction

● I learned a lot about using content and launching it.

● The teacher's story was very interesting and gave me an opportunity to take the next step.

● I wanted to deepen my knowledge about local history.

● Make Tochigi the number one prefecture in Japan! What do you think

● I was keenly aware that it was more than anything else to start moving.

● I have lived in Utsunomiya for 40 years and wanted to know more about Utsunomiya.

The latest events are coming up one after another! Looking for participation ♪

A new event is held every month at the Tochigi military commander "Fujiwara no Hidesato" as a hero!

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