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January 23, 2021

The 3rd Fujiwara no Hidesato Forum "The formation of a samurai that began in Tochigi's Fujiwara no Hidesato"
Mr. Yoshifumi Yamamoto of Tochigi Prefectural Museum gave a lecture at the venue and simultaneous distribution of zoom.

20210123_藤原秀郷フォーラム集合写真_アートボード 1.png

Thanks to everyone's cooperation, we were able to hold the event safely while taking thorough measures against COVID-19!

We appreciate everyone who gathered in the rain and to everyone who participated in zoom. It was the first Hidesato event this year, but I have absorbed a lot of things! Once again, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the people who gathered!

At the event, there was a short talk by Mr. Nozawa, who also produces events such as local character events such as Yuru-chara "Funassyi"! He is specialized at how to connect the characters to regional revitalization ... we hope to spread our samurai characters to Tochigi prefecture and all over Japan!

藤原秀郷フォーラム 会場写真

Then, Mr. Yoshifumi Yamamoto, who came from the Tochigi Prefectural Museum, talked about the title of this event, "The formation of a samurai that originally started in Tochigi."


The talk began with Fujiwara no Hidesato's evaluation and detailed explanation of the legend, then from the descendants of Hidesato to the birth of Hidesato, and the flow of "Taira no Masakado no Ran", which was the reason why Hidesato became a hero, in detail including the inside story of history. I got an explanation! The formation of the "samurai" that can be seen from there was only known for the first time, which I did not learn at school. It became a very popular forum with lectures that were as fulfilling as a university course in an easy-to-understand manner ☆


Also, in this forum as well, we sent out the "Hero Making Association Member Recruitment" from the Hero Making Association, but I am very grateful that some people applied immediately on the day ♪ With everyone We hope that the spread of our activities will lead to the regional revitalization of Tochigi Prefecture! If you are interested in it, please join us ♪ Also, if you have any acquaintances around you that you might like ...!, Please introduce us to make it a hero ♪

Messages from everyone to the meeting
We asked our customers to fill out a questionnaire when the event was held! We would like to introduce the opinions and impressions of everyone who filled in here ♪

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