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October 30, 2021  Tochigi Prefecture Silver University co-sponsored project

Tochigi's forgotten Busho, "Fujiwara no Hidesato" talk

On Saturday, October 30th, we held a co-sponsored project with Silver University [Tochigi's Forgotten Warlord "Fujiwara no Hidesato" talk]!

集合写真2_アートボード 1-min.png
集合写真_アートボード 1-min.png

This event consists of a lecture about "Fujiwara no Hidesato", a folktale story, and an original storytelling!

The event began with the lecture about "Fujiwara no Hidesato". the speaker was director, Makoto Miyamoto.

He talked about "Fujiwara no Hidesato" and, and introduced our activities for the town revitalization of Tochigi prefecture.


Next, Mrs. Mitsue Arioka, a member of our committee and a storyteller of Utsunomiya, introduced two folk tales. "Omi no Omukade" and " Utsunomiya's Dodomeki Taiji"!


Hidesato's brave attitude and the background of the story naturally come to mind by her amazing performance.

It was a wonderful storytelling to enjoy. and We saw audiences are into the stories.


Finally,This is also by Mrs. Kyoko Nakagawa, also known as Miyako Miyako, a member of our committee and an original storyteller. It was her first time showing "Hachi no Ki Monogatari"!

With the talk by Mrs. Nakagawa, many people at the auditorium were enjoyinh with some laughs! The story with her Miyako-bushi, seemed to impress most of the audience.

Both story tellers were amazing at the event!

We received some positive opinions in a survey.

Some answered that they enjoyed Mrs. Arioka's story and Mr. Miyako's storytelling.We are very pleased to know the voice from audience, and we love to keep telling stories about Fujiwara no Hidesato!

Everyone who participated this time, Mrs. Arioka who showed a wonderful story, Mrs. Miyako who showed us the original storytelling, thank you for your cooperation in providing a wonderful venue. Also, we love to express our sincere gratitude to Silver University, Utsunomiya!


thank you very much!


We keep hoping that more people will recognise and speak about Fujiwara no Hidesato, and say "Actually, there was a great Busho in Tochigi!".

We hope that you find Tochigi Prefecture an attractive place to visit.

We look forward to your continued support and cooperation in the future!

☆ Join us as our new member!


It's okay if you're not good at history! There is no age limit for children and adults! All you have to do is think "I want to liven up Tochigi!" Let's tell the world about "Fujiwara no Hidesato"  with us!

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