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LINEスタンプ 武将 坂東武士

From the portal site "Bando Bushi Zukan", the very first official LINE stickers pack is available now! Each sticker has a "bushi language (武士語)"♪

[Sales information]

  • title:​ Bando Bushi Zukan 

  • Species: 32 types

  • Price: 50 coins (120 yen)

  • Release date: February 2022 ~

  • Person introduction: See below

​* Sold with "LINE Creators Stamp".
* From May 1, 2022, you will be eligible for "LINE Stamp Premium".

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LINEスタンプ 藤原秀郷

Hidesato Fujiwara  (Fujiwara Hidesato)

The rise of Japanese warrior, the founder of Yabusame


Meaning:Go for it!


Taira no masakado 

Bushi in Bando City who caused the disturbance of Taira no Masakado

Word: Anzuruna!

Meaning:Don't worry

北条義時 LINEスタンプ

Hojo Yoshitoki

The second authority of the Kamakura Shogunate.



比企能員 LINEスタンプ

Hiki Yoshikazu

Descendant of Fujiwara no Hidesato, one of the 13 Lords of Kamakura

Word:Kurushu nai

Maning:Don't be shy

寒川尼 LINEスタンプ


Masamitsu's wife, Yoritomo's nanny, and the woman who supported the Bando bushi


Meaning:Thank you

結城朝光 LINEスタンプ

Tomomitsu Yuki 

The third son of OyamaMasamitsu, the first Yuki Clan.

Word:Tassha de na!

Meaning:Take care!

源頼朝 LINEスタンプ

Minamoto no Yoritomo

The military commander who opened the Kamakura Shogunate (Kamakura-dono)


​Meaning:That's right

宇都宮頼綱 LINEスタンプ

Utsunomiya Yoritsuna 

The creator of Hyakunin Isshu

Word:Ito okashi


佐野源左衛門 LINEスタンプ

Sano Genzaemon

Descendant of Fujiwara no Hidesato.  "Iza Kamakura!" is his famous saying.


​Meaning:Shall we?

平清盛 LINEスタンプ

Taira no Kiyomori

Establishied a bushi government system in Japan for the first time.


​Meaning:Wait a second!

足利家時 LINEスタンプ

Ashikaga Ietoki

Ashikaga Takauji's grandfather.


Meaning:I don't like it.

皆川広照 LINEスタンプ

Hiroteru Minagawa

Bushi of Minagawa clan (Tochigi City) which had carried on until the Edo period


Meaning:As you like

平貞盛 LINEスタンプ

Taira no Sadamori

Settled the turbulence of Taira no Masakado with Fujiwara no Hidesato

Word:Taigi de aru!

​意味:Good job

北条早雲 LINEスタンプ

Hojo Soun

Created the beginning of the Sengoku period.


Meaning:I don't know...

足立遠元 LINEスタンプ

Adachi Tomoto

One of the 13 Lords of the Kamakura, based in Adachi-ku, Tokyo

Word:Shibaraku Shibaraku

Meaning:Wait for a moment

小山朝政 LINEスタンプ

Tomomasa Oyama

Oyama clan's second generation, taught the Hidesato style Yabusame to Yoritomo.


Meaning:That's strange

蒲生氏郷 LINEスタンプ

Gamo Ujisato

Christian daimyo, the castellan of Aizu 920,000 stones.



佐藤義清 LINEスタンプ

Sato Norikiyo / Saigyo

descendant of Fujiwara no Hidesato. a bushi who taught Yoritomo the archery


Meaning:No way

八田知家 LINEスタンプ

Hatta Tomoie

One of the 13 Lords of Kamakura, the first Oda clan


Meaning:That's right

佐野基綱 LINEスタンプ

Sano Mototsuna

The first Sano clan, a descendant of Fujiwara no Hidesato


Meaning:It was close...

宇都宮公綱 LINEスタンプ

Utsunomiya Kintsuna

One of the Utsunomiya clan who was also excellent in waka poems.


Meaning:All right!

小田氏治 LINEスタンプ

Oda Ujiharu

Mr. Oda, the last owner of Oda Castle.

Word:Sessha no Koto ka?

Meaning:Are you talking about me?

源義経 LINEスタンプ

Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Idol warlords of the Kamakura period


Meaning:Visiting to senior friend

熊谷直実 LINEスタンプ

Naozane Kumagai

A descendant of Taira no Sadamori, a busho in Kumagaya, Saitama Prefecture

Word:Onoono gata!

​意味:Listen up, Everyone!

藤原利仁 LINEスタンプ

Toshihito Fujiwara

Creating a Bushi society, the ancestor of Saito.


Meaning:Got it

小山政光 LINEスタンプ

Masamitsu Oyama

A military commander in Oyama City who respects Fujiwara no Hidesato

Word:Sata machi

Meaning:Waiting for reply

長沼宗政 LINEスタンプ

Munemasa Naganuma

The second son of Masamitsu Oyama, the first Naganuma clan.


Meaning:Don't be stupid!

足利忠綱 LINEスタンプ

Ashikaga Tadatsuna

Inheriting Hidesato's large armor, bushi in Ashikaga City


Meaning:Don't take it easy!

宇都宮宗円 LINEスタンプ

Utsunomiya (Fujiwara) Soen

The first Utsunomiya clan, built the Utsunomiya castle.

Word:Menmoku nai...

Meaning:I'm embarrassed ...

那須与一 LINEスタンプ

Nasuno Yoichi

Tochigi's famous bushi who pierced the target of the fan in the Genpei War

Word:Futodoki mono!


佐野国綱 LINEスタンプ

Sano Kunitsuna

A san of Sano Mototsuna, a warlord of the Kamakura Shogunate

Word:Katabara itai!

Meaning:That's funny!

新田義貞 LINEスタンプ

Nitta Yoshisada

A rival against Ashikaga Takauji, Gunma (Ota City) busho.


Meaning:I know but...

60 Bando Bushi characters are all here. A unique pictorial page where you can find not only the illustrations but also the historical fact about them.

Introducing about Fujiwara no Hidesato. Who is the first warrior in Japan? We will answer the question!

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