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Who is

Fujiwara no Hidesato?

Tochigi's hero

A descendant of the Fujiwara family, a nobleman and warlord in the middle Heian period (around 930).

[Also Known As] Tawara Touta means "Taro", the chief of Fujiwara.

[Birth and death date] Unknown (Birth around the end of the 800s, Died around 958?)

Fujiwara Hidesato formed a samurai group during the Heian period when the aristocrats were at the center. He settled the Rebellion of Taira no Masakado. He was a warlord who was praised as the rise of the samurai by being promoted to the commander-in-chief of the defense of the north, which is known as the highest honorary officer of samurai in both Kokushi of Shimotsuke (Tochigi prefecture )and Musashi (Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa). Moreover, his strength was told in some legends such as " Killing Omi's Great centipede" and " Killing Utsunomiya's Doumeki ". However, there are only a few people who convey the existence of Fujiwara Hidesato now.


By recognizing Fujiwara Hidesato and the "Hidesato-Ryu" clan that formed the foundation of each city in Tochigi Prefecture, we cultivate a Civic Pride and send a message it to the whole world as the pride of Tochigi, and to promote Tochigi's brand and tourism promotion. We will carry out regional revitalization activities!



佐野市 藤原秀郷 由縁 神社
二荒山神社 藤原秀郷 霊剣 平将門の乱




This activity has been officially certified by the Mecenat Council of Japan as an initiative for an affluence to the society through art and culture support.

Hidesato also plays a leading role in the famous legend!

Fujiwara Hidesato was famous as a hero for exterminating youkai in some Legends, such as the battle of the great centipede of Omi. According to the legend of Hidesato in Utsunomiya, there is the demon Doumeki that appears in Hanawada on the north side of Utsunomiya Futaarayama jinja. The story starts with ...



One day, when Hidesato went pass Oso no Sato on the Tahara Highway on his way home from hunting, an old man appeared in front of him. The old man said, "A demon with a hundred eyes appears in this northwestern horse-riding ground called Usada, and I need your help ...".  Hidesato heard the story, and he was asked to exterminate the demon. He ambushed in Usada. Then finally, a huge demon (about 3 meters tall) with hundred eyes shining in both hands and blade-like hair appeared.


Hidesato draws his favorite bow, shoots an arrow at the brightest eye.

The demon's body exhaled and vomited black poison from its torn mouth.

It is said that it disappeared near the current Hanawada Doumeki-Dori, leaving a dark mark on the ground...

About 400 years have passed since then, in the Muromachi period.

There were many incidents such as the priest being injured or the temple burning at Honganji Temple in Hanawada. Under such circumstances, a high-ranking priest named Chitoku Shonin became a priest of Honganji Temple. When he preached every day, there was a young girl who always appeared in the sermon. In fact, this girl was the tentative figure of the demon who was seriously injured around here 400 years ago!

It was hiding in the Hyakuana(百穴) of Nagaoka, waiting for the body to heal.

By changing into a daughter and visiting this area, It was regaining the old evil spirit by sucking a lot of blood. It hurt the priest of Honganji and set the temple on fire because it did not like the priest of Honganji. Chitoku Shonin discovered the true identity of the girl, and the girl/demon changed its mind by the repeated sermons of Chitoku Shonin.

It vowed not to do bad things again and rested in peace.

This demon was called "Doumeki(百目鬼)" because the demon has hundreds of eyes.

Since then, the area around Honganji Temple is called "Domeki".

Let's try to sing the story of this legend ...

The place where Dodomeki was defeated by Hidesato is called "Domeki-dori" (The road leading from Hachimanyama Dori to Akamon Dori, north of the Futarasan Shrine)

↓ ↓ Let's look for it on the way back to Futarasan Shrine ↓ ↓

フジテレビ『妖怪ランキング大百科  鬼強い!鬼とヤバいもののけたちが大集合!』にて


273627174_248817190758443_8337703191624680044_n (1).png
272886013_704390673886891_3113119935376013617_n (1).png
260690478_1645703709115393_7689255137074309387_n (1).png

Hidesato is one of the beginnings of the Bushi/Samurai

Fujiwara Hidesato was praised by the Imperial Court for his achievements in the Battle of Taira no Masakado. He used the spirit sword given at Utsunomiya Futa Arayama Shrine to settle the battle. It is said to be the rise of the Bushi/Samurai.


The name of "Fujiwara Hidesato" is written at the entrance of Utsunomiya Futaarayama Shrine, "Utsunomiya Futaarayama Shrine History". ↓ ↓ ↓

二荒山神社 鳥居前
↓ Click to enlarge!


右ページ:藤原秀郷が 宇都宮二荒山神社にて霊剣を授かっている姿。





▶ ︎By train

・ 5 minutes by bus from the west exit of JR Utsunomiya Station

・ 15 minutes on foot from Tobu Utsunomiya Station

▶ By car

・ 25 minutes from "Kanuma Inter" on the Tohoku Expressway, or 20 minutes from "Utsunomiya Inter"

▶ ︎Parking: Available (from 8:00 to 21:00) Free for prayers for 3 hours during usage time

宇都宮 二荒山神社

Tochigi is full of Hidesato relatives !?

Mr. Oyama, Mr. Sano, Mr. Nasu, Mr. Naganuma, Mr. Hatano, Mr. Gamo, Mr. Oshu Fujiwara ... There are countless collaterals, and Mr. Utsunomiya is also a clan of Hidesato.

唐澤山神社 佐野市 藤原秀郷



藤原秀郷 墳墓_edited.jpg






露垂根神社 佐野市 藤原秀郷




孫太郎神社 佐野市 藤原秀郷



秀郷の子孫 佐野氏が拠点とした佐野城跡周辺のをご紹介!


藤原秀郷 佐野市 佐野城周辺 関連場所

Tochigi is full of Hidesato relatives !?

Mr. Oyama, Mr. Sano, Mr. Nasu, Mr. Naganuma, Mr. Hatano, Mr. Gamo, Mr. Oshu Fujiwara ... There are countless collaterals, and Mr. Utsunomiya is also a clan of Hidesato.


Tochigi is full of Hidesato relatives !?

Mr. Oyama, Mr. Sano, Mr. Nasu, Mr. Naganuma, Mr. Hatano, Mr. Gamo, Mr. Oshu Fujiwara ... There are countless collaterals, and Mr. Utsunomiya is also a clan of Hidesato.

Let's take a closer look at Hidesato's relatives, whoes names are the place name in Tochigi!

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