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August 22, 2020

The 2nd " Fujiwara Hidesato Legend History Walk "
We held a city walk utilizing the historical content "Fujiwara Hidesato" of Utsunomiya!

8月 蒲生神社前 集合写真.png

* we temporarily removed the mask for taking a picture.

Under the restriction by Corona virus, the heat, and the evening rain ... The 124th extracurricular lesson was held! It was cooler than we expected. It was a fun city tour with Tochigi Television and Shimotsuke Shinbun.

Started with the history talk by Oka Jii, we explained the course and history of Utsunomiya city. With various derailment stories in geography... At the end of the lecture, we had story teller Mr. Arioka's " Domeki Monogatari ", a story of Utsunomiya Yokai. Then we headed to the city. First, we went to "Futaarasan Shrine" in the centre of Utsunomiya. The historical writing on the side of the torii says that "Fujiwara Hidesato, who settled the turmoil of Taira no Masakado, prayed here", and Hidesato donated the iron helmet "Sanju Hachi ken hoshi kabuto" to the office next to the shrine, which was inside the display now. And Futaarasan shirine has 1600-year-old history!

8月街歩き 資料写真1

The next stop is "Doumeki Street". A legendary place where Fujiwara Hidesato defeated the yokai "Doumeki" which has hundred eyes. The legend of our character, the blue youkai with black glasses, is that motif. A pleasure street that retains the remnants of the Showa era. One of our goals is to set up a monument here someday...

We  passed through the ruins of Honganji Temple where Doumeki had come to suck up the living blood to recover. We headed to the shrine dedicated to Gamo Kunpei, a genius in the late Edo period who is said to be one of the "three strangers of Kansei."  He was raised by his grandmother, saying, "Your ancestor is Gamo Ujisato. You will study hard and become a good person." Gamo Ujisato is deeply worshiped Hidesato, so for that reason, Gamo Kunpei is also a descendant of Hidesato.

8月街歩き 資料写真2_二荒山神社社務所内

Today, a total of 16 people participated this walking tour around the city. The trip to get to know the area called micro tourism again with the corona vortex is showing excitement in various places. Please reaffirm the history and splendor of the local area by visiting the footsteps of Tochigi's superhero "Fujiwara Hidesato"!

8月街歩き 資料写真3 百目鬼通り

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[ Walking with Fujiwara Hidesato! Utsunomiya Edition ] Tochigi Television 's news " Night News Saturday " introduced us in great detail!

[ Walking with Fujiwara Hidesato! Utsunomiya Edition ] Tochigi Television 's news " Night News Saturday " introduced us in great detail!



Messages from everyone to the meeting

We asked our customers to fill out a questionnaire when the event was held! We would like to introduce the opinions and impressions of everyone who filled in here ♪

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